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Our Team


Barbara Zielińska-Van:

The owner of the studio, composer, pianist, synthesizer player. Founder of the band Van.

tomek kramarczyk

Tomek Kramarczyk:

producer, musician, sound engineer cooperating also with the Polish Radio Katowice

Marek Rusinowski

Marek Rusinowski:

producer, composer, pianist, sound engineer

maciek błachnio

Maciek Błachnio:

producer, musician, bassist, sound engineer cooperating with: Małgorzata Ostrowska, Pati Sokol, Kasia Wilk, Ewelina Flinta

marian maniek maciol

Marian “Maniek” Macioł:

sound engineer of live sessions, field sessions, cooperation with Dżem and Sebastian Riedel & Cree as live acoustic